Concern for the protection of minors from material which is intended for adult audiences calls for an industry wide collaboration to establish a common content rating and labeling system.

To help facilitate, the Adult Rating Association - an organization determined to prevent minors from accessing adult-themed material - is taking a bold and aggressive stance to unify the Adult Entertainment Industry and educate concerned parents. The Adult Rating Association supplies, to all those who display and/or distribute adult content, the necessary resources to implement a content rating and labeling system for their websites that will block out material not suitable for minors. Parents can also find a wealth of information on how to educate and prepare their children for what they might encounter on the Internet. They can also find useful information regarding security settings and filtering software for their own computers for added peace of mind.

The Adult Rating Association believes that the responsible delivery of adult material such as content rating and labeling, well informed parents and any concerned individual – working together, will help prevent minors from accessing adult content.

For parents who feel strongly about preventing their children from viewing adult sites, there's now an easy way to keep your family safe to block inappropriate sites:

1) Within Internet Explorer, goto the top menu bar and click 'Tools'. Select 'Internet Options'

2) Choose the tab 'Content' at the top and click 'Enable'

3) Now select the type of content you'd like to prevent by sliding the markers to the desired setting, and click 'OK'

4) Choose a password that only you know, so you can freely enable and disable the blocking, Click 'OK'

Your internet browser is now set up to prevent the surfer form going to a page which is compliant with the ARA.

Making your site compliant with the Adult Rating Association could not be any easier! To block a page, simply place this following tag in the header of the desired HTML file:

<link rel="meta" href="" type="application/rdf+xml"title="ICRA labels" />

For webmasters, being a member of the Adult Rating Association is your best solution to prevent minors from viewing your mature pages. If you host your own content and would like to be compliant with the ARA simply send us the domain of the page(s) and we will submit it to create your own ICRA meta tag! Once compliant, show your efforts to the world - that you are doing your part to prevent minors from accessing adult-themed material by displaying one of the following banners:

The ARA submits their sites to get an approved ICRA (Internet Content Rating Association) meta tag. Click here to go to